year : 2014-2017 / skills : videography, post production

EXPOSED is a group of culture-enthusiasts that organizes unique opening events. These events kickoff new exhibitions at EYE Film museum. Each year a new club hosts engaging evenings with dance, music, drinks and interactive installations.

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Every single touch point of the evening is captured in an after movie to show an accurate impression of that event. With the intention to attract a younger demographic to come and visit the museum.

The videos are promoted on their Facebook, as well as on the EYE EXPOSED website.

Béla Tarr

Opening exposition Béla Tarr - Till The End Of The World. Exposition ran from 20 Januari 2017 at EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam.

Music: Shuya Okino - Still In Love


Opening exposition Celluloid. Exposition ran from 17 September 2016 at EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam.

Music: Nu Guinea - Howls

Robby Müller

Opening exposition Robby Müller – Master of Lights. Exposition ran from 4 June 2016 at EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam.

Music: Bluntspeakers - Ancient Visions

Michelangelo Antonioni

Opening exposition Michelangelo Antonioni - Il maestro del cinema moderno. Exposition ran from 11 September 2015 at EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam.

Music: Mountain States - City

Woody Allen

Opening Woody Allen summer program. Exposition ran from 9 Juli 2015 at EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam.

Music: Sylvan Esso - H.S.K.T.


William Kentridge

Opening exposition William Kentridge - If We Ever Get to Heaven. Exposition ran from 25 April 2015 at EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam.

Music: Mubi Umakhelwane - Abafana Baseqhudeni

Anthony McCall

Opening exposition Anthony McCall - Solid Light Films and Other Works (1971 - 2014). Exposition ran from 28 September 2014 at EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam.

Music: Ben Jacov - Transalp

Jean Desmet

Opening exposition Jean Desmet - Het Groot Vermaeck. Exposition ran from 12 December 2014 at EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam.

Music: Eerie Wanda - I Am Over Here

David Cronenberg

Opening exposition David Cronenberg - Het Nieuwe Vlees. Exposition ran from 21 Juni 2014 at EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam.

Music: Metronomy - Boy Racers

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