year : 2016-2017 / skills : videography, post production

Foam is an internationally well known organization in the field of photography. Their museum in Amsterdam inspires the widest possible audience with contemporary photography.

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With a variety of expositions and cultural get-togethers, it is always a delight working with Foam. I primarily do after movies (MuseumN8, Foam Beta), short promos (Museum in Gebaren) and interviews with artists.

Filmed interviews are showed on display during the exhibitions. Other videos are mainly used on their website and social media channels.

Foam Museum N8

Foam Beta

Organised by Foam's in-house talent program Foam Lab. A programmed evening about body language.

Music: Glowpart - Spasmatic

Museum In Gebaren

Launch of the 'Museum of Gebaren', organised by a collective of museums to promote accessibility for hearing impaired people.

Music: William Kouam Djoko - Deflurished

Stéphanie Solinas

Interview with artist exhibitioning at Foam museum. Film was part of exposition space.

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