concept, DOP, post
concept, DOP, post

SINCE was founded in 2012 and is a video production company based in Amsterdam. With a vision to enrich the world with uncanny videos, SINCE always tries to combine the stunning and the odd. 

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Working with Claudia Crobatia, the founder and director of SINCE, I felt we truly put our heart into making these short films. 

Making these music videos and fashion films, organisational roles were blurred. So as DOP I was also involved in the concepts.

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Marco Borsato & Matt Simons - Breng Me Naar Het Water (Take Me To The Water)

Official Video for Marco Borsato – Breng Me Naar Het Water from the album “Om Je Heen”

Director: Claudia Crobatia / Producers: Jaap Hermans & Danielle Guirguis for Smarthouse Films / Actress: Bonnie Faber / Actor: Gover Meit / DOP 1: Mo Schalkx / DOP 2 & drone operator: Django de Groot / Styling: Julieta Piacenza Vanderhoeven / Editor: Emiel Nuninga / 3D: Rick Franssen – The Outpost / Grading: George Balatoni / Post: Darlings Amsterdam / Camera Equipment: Camalot Amsterdam / Production Isle of Man: Andy North / Production assistants: Ryan Stevenson & Aaron Cottman / Thanks to: Zak Branko, Kathryn Scarlett, Mister Gelling & the weather gods.
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Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy - New Black Rich

Official Video for Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – New Black Rich (Tusks) from the album “Singer’s Grave a Sea of Tongues.”

Director: Claudia Crobatia / Director of Photography: Mo Schalkx / Producer: Macha Rousakov / Cast: Will Oldham, Bella Hay, Emmet Kelly / Special Effects / Props: Luciënne Venner / Styling: April Jumelet, dress Bella by Edwin Oudshoorn
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Since for Corné Gabriëls

Film promoting the release of the butterfly bow tie collection by Corné Gabriëls.

Director: Claudia Crobatia / DOP: Mo Schalkx / Art Direction: Samantha van der Werff / Dancer: Duarte Fernandes / Producer: Macha Rousakov / Hair & Make-up: Tariq Zarin / Title Design: Sander Brouwer / Music: oOoOO
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Götterdämmerung - Skincree

This video was made in relation to the overview exhibition of Marc Bijl at Groninger Museum.

Director: Claudia Crobatia / DOP & Editor: Mo Schalkx / Producer: Macha Rousakov / Model: Lisa Smit / Hair & make-up: Carlos Saidel / Styling: Aleide Bezoen
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Wooden Constructions - Punch in the Face

Gover Meit and Eve-Marie Kuijstermans star in this music video for Wooden Constructions “Punch in the Face”, from the album “People Now People” © 2012.

Director: Claudia Crobatia / D.O.P: Mo Schalkx / Producer: Macha Rousakov / Assistant Producer: Lisa Visser / Model: Eve-Marie Kuijstermans / Hair & Make-up: Elsa Helwig / Styling (& outfit Eve designed by): Céline de Schepper / Art Direction: Samantha van der Werff / Editor: Michiel van den Berg / Grader: Jefta Varwijk

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